West Virginia Nurses Respond

With more than 30,000 registered nurses in the state of WV we must begin to ask ourselves “What are we doing” to combat the opioid epidemic? Nurses touch more lives than any other health profession. We are on the front lines of patient care in every healthcare setting and we are the most trusted of all health professions. We have the power to turn the tide on this opioid epidemic and its time we step up and respond.

  • Addiction nurses Save Lives by globally impacting the negative effects of alcohol and other drug use.
  • Working across a full continuum of care including health promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Addiction Nurses care for people every step of the way on their journey toward long-term recovery.
  • Addiction nurses educate, advocate and promote evidence based practices that reduce the health burden of addiction.
  • Addiction nurses challenge stigma and advocate for recovery.


  • Nurses advocate for healing the whole person
  • Nurses care for patient, family and community health
  • Nurses educate patients, families and communities

Early Intervention

  • Nurses educate and identify patients at risk
  • Nurses assess, intervene and assist patients at risk


  • Nurses treat the whole person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Nurses expand access to care
  • Nurses advocate for evidence based treatment modalities

Recovery/Health and Wellness

  • Nurses support all paths to recovery
  • Nurses encourage peer support and family support


  • Nurses advocate for policies that stamp out stigma
  • Legislation